Is Your Pool an Energy Thief?

If your electricity bills are sky-high during pool season your pool pump may be to blame. Your pool pump may use more electricity than any other appliance in your home — as much as three times the electricity used by your refrigerator. Replacing your old single-speed swimming pool pump with an efficient variable-speed pump is an energy retrofit measure with a very fast payback.
The main purpose of a pool pump is to circulate water from the swimming pool through a filter. In addition, a pool pump is sometimes used to circulate water through an artificial waterfall or other water “features.” For years, pool installers have used oversized single-speed pumps — a type of pump that is inexpensive to install but expensive to operate. Many swimming pool pumps perform multiple functions, and installers traditionally sized a pump that was big enough for the most demanding task.
A variable-speed pump does a better job of matching the speed of the pump (and its watt draw) to the task being performed. Compared to a single-speed pump, a two-speed or variable-speed pump can save tremendous amounts of energy. Compared to a single-speed pump, a two-speed pump can yield 55% energy savings, while a variable-speed pump can yield 83% energy savings.
The most efficient type of swimming pool pump is a variable-speed pump. A variable-speed pool pump will allow the home-owner to achieve the ideal filtration flow rate with the least amount of energy consumption. Variable speed pumps utilize permanent magnet motors (PMM). PMM pumps can produce the same gallons per minute flow rate as single-speed induction motors if needed; they simply run much more efficiently. Variable speed pumps are noticeably quieter, require less maintenance, last longer, and, through slower water filtration rates, allow for better and more effective filtration of the pool water.
There are many examples of home-owners who save between $500 and $1,100 a year by installing a new pump; in one case, a pump drawing 1,900 watts was replaced with a variable-speed pump that draws only 150 watts. Although a variable-speed pump is a bit more expensive, the payback period for this work can be as short as one or two years. The more equipment that you change from standard to energy efficient, the more you will save. Depending on the equipment and how often it is used, the savings can quickly cover the cost of purchasing it!

Mirage Pool Service has all of the energy efficient pool equipment you need to make your pool ‘green.’ If you are putting in a new pool they can make sure your pool is energy efficient from your first swim. If your current pump is sucking more energy than water it’s time to upgrade! Their expert staff can recommend what equipment will save you the most, and are happy to answer any questions you have.

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