Pool chemicals are necessary to keep pool water clear, sanitized, and safe to swim in. However, if they are misused or mishandled, they can be dangerous. Following are a few simple guidelines that will ensure the safety and well being of family and friends.

Handling chemicals—Always read the label. It contains important information on the proper application, handling, and storage of the chemical you are using.


Never mix chemicals. An uncontrolled reaction such as fuming, fire, or explosion could occur. Always add chemicals to the pool water separately and to different areas of the pool.
Never overdose your pool. Use the exact amount specified. Make sure your pool volume is accurate.
Never add the water to the chemical when dissolving or diluting. Always add the chemical to the water.
Never inhale fumes or allow products to get in your eyes, ears, nose, or mouth. In the event of accidental contact, follow emergency advice on the product label and call your doctor and/or local poison control center.
Never smoke around chemicals, as some chemical fumes can be highly flammable.
Never allow children to handle chemicals.
Never interchange measuring scoops between products.


Always clean up spills as soon as they occur and dispose of the material in a safe manner. Dispose of all chemicals according to label directions.
Always store chemicals safely and out of the reach of children. Keep your chemicals in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from other household or garden chemicals and petroleum products.
Always keep chemical product containers tightly closed when not in use.