General Pool Maintenance Tips

General Maintenance

  • Run pump and filter 24 hours a day; the more you filter and circulate your pool water the less chemicals you will require and you will be less likely to experience water quality problems.
  • Adjust jets downwards at a 45 degree angle to create a moving circulation pattern in the pool and away from the skimmer basket.
  • Vacuum at regular intervals. Keep pool clean and free of debris such as leaves and other materials.
  • Dirt, oil scum, and smog scum must be cleaned regularly from pool’s surface with a tile and vinyl cleaner. The use of enzymes will greatly reduce oils and scum line around pool.
  • Regular testing of water parameters and sanitizer are important.
  • Tip: Bring water sample to your Pool Professional Retailer every 3 weeks. Inadequate sanitizer levels may cause unsafe water for bathers. PH must be regulated to prevent damage to pool surfaces and to assist sanitizer performance. Smog and rain have a definite effect on pH.
  • Understand how to use filter gauge and backwash as required.
  • Clean filter sand at least once per season using a filter cleaning product.
  • Use a leaf net for seasonal periods of high debris accumulation in pool.
  • Repairs, replacement of equipment, and heavier maintenance tasks should be scheduled for the off season when the pool is inactive.
  • The heater should be serviced once per season by a licensed gas technician.
  • Carefully read instructions for correct dosage and application methods for all chemicals.
  • Follow recommended safety guidelines when handling and storing chemicals.