Opening Information and Conditions

Thank you for booking your swimming pool opening with us. We want to take this opportunity to review a couple of items prior to the opening. If you have any questions, please contact us to discuss.

Our service work is scheduled geographically so we will not be able to provide a specific time slot for your opening. The homeowner does not need to be present for the opening. Please ensure the following things have been taken care of:

  1. Access to the backyard: ensure that all gates are left unlocked so that we can enter the property.
  2. Winter cover bin, salt cells, equipment plugs, ladder, and accessories: ensure that all opening accessories are left out for the service crew. If opening accessories cannot be found or are not left out for the crew we will provide the necessary items and you will be billed accordingly. Please inform us in advance if you are aware of any replacement parts you may require.
  3. Power to pump/pump house: please ensure that we have access to power prior to our arrival. If you have turned the breaker off inside the house over the winter please turn it on.
  4. Please ensure that all vehicles are removed from the driveway as the crew may need to wash the winter cover on the driveway
  5. Disassembled equipment: please ensure that any equipment that may have been disassembled for indoor winter storage is reassembled prior to the crew arriving. If the service crew has to reassemble any equipment that was disassembled by the homeowner, an additional service fee of $50.00 will be applied.
  6. Sump wells or drains must have water removed prior to our opening. This is to assist in keeping the liner in the coping and reducing groundwater from getting behind the liner. See below.

Please make sure you take care of the above items prior to our arrival, or inform us of any special instructions. Should we arrive and there is no access to the backyard, or the cover and accessories have not been left out, the customer will be billed a $50.00 trip fee.


Chemicals during Opening

  • We will add 10L of Liquid Chlorine to every pool we open even if the pool is salt or bromine. A Chemical Kit will be added to the water only if arranged with staff during booking and billed @ $39.99 +HST. If a chemical kit is purchased it will be added to the pool during the first stage of the pool opening, empty bottles will be left for you to put in your recycle so you can see they have been added. For additional water chemistry balancing information, please see further down.


Upon Completion of the 1st Stage of Opening


  • Fill your pool with tap water from your garden hose to the normal operating level (¾ up the skimmer opening on side wall of pool where the basket is). Some safety cover pools may be started same day. If you are concerned with water behind the liner or a potential leak, call us to discuss the different options available prior to filling the pool as in many cases we will need to take water out of the pool.
  • Only after the water has reached the normal operating level, call us to arrange the 2nd stage of the opening known as the Start Up @ 905-319-7665. This is typically the day after you call us.

*PLEASE NOTE: An additional service charge of $60 will be billed if we are called to return for Start Up prior to the water being at the correct level.

Next Steps – 2nd Start-Up Visit (if Required) and Vacuuming (if Arranged)

  • At start up, our technician will return to start the pump to circulate the water, inspect the equipment, and check that your equipment is operating normally (except for heaters –see below). Should any issue be present at this time, we will inform you and arrange additional service if required.
  • Vacuuming/Cleaning of the pool is included only as part of our pre-booked ULTRA PREMIUM and PREMIUM OPENING PACKAGES. Vacuuming/cleaning services as well as a variety of maintenance plans are available if you are interested.
  • For ULTRA-PREMIUM OPENINGS only, we will return when the pool has been running for 5 days to properly test and balance the water for you and provide you a follow up report via email.

Heater Information – We Do Not Light/Start/Ignite/Turn-On Heaters

  • Mirage Pools cannot start gas heaters under any circumstances. It is regulated by the TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority), it is illegal for Mirage to perform this service. Mirage Pools recommends Brian Dale of Element Heating & Gas for this type of service. Please contact him @ 905-572-7375 If you as the home owner would like to light your own heater you are legally allowed to do so but it isn’t recommended. Please follow the manufactures instructions carefully after cleaning it out. Be cautious. This should be done by a professional to ensure proper use and efficiency and ensure safety for your family/property.

Final Steps – Water Chemistry, Balancing and Safety Inspections


  • Let your pool circulate for at least full 3 days without shutting off the pump. Then take a sample of pool water from arm’s length down in pool, using the bottle that was left for you during the first step of the opening (please don’t bring surface water as in bottle).
  • Bring the sample of the pool water to our showroom for a Free Water Analysis to evaluate the chemistry. We will inform you of exactly what needs to be added including salt. We offer free water testing at our showroom @ 1800 Appleby Line, Unit #14 Burlington (just South of Upper Middle).


Other Items to Consider after the Completion of Opening:  

  • Water chemistry should be checked weekly at home with test strips and every 3 weeks at our store on the professional water lab to ensure easy maintenance and a safe body of water.
  • Sump wells and drains should be kept dry over the summer to reduce additional work during the season.

*Please Note: As a standard industry practice recommended by the Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada, Mirage Pool Services does not install diving boards, slides, or drop-in steps. We truly appreciate the business and would like to thank you for choosing Mirage Pools. If there are any projects with the pool or backyard we can help you with, please let us know.