There’s a reason why Dolphin is the #1 selling robotic pool cleaner. Unlike its competition, the Dolphins use CleverClean Smart Navigation to ensure complete pool coverage. It has a sustainable design and is roughly eight times more energy efficient than other cleaners on the market. The S300 has integrated Bluetooth technology that allows you to control the cleaner with your phone via the MyDolphin App.


Cleans Walls and Waterlines

  • The Dolphin has durable tracks with dual scrubbing brushes leaving your pool sparkling clean
  • These brushes create the right amount of friction to remove debris from the floor, walls, and waterline

Pool Party Ready in 2 Hours

  • Has a 1 hour quick clean option, and a 2 hour full cleaning cycle
  • Gives you more leisure time to enjoy your clean pool

No More Tangling

  • Dolphin’s patented Dolphin Swivel technology gets rid of tangling
  • The Dolphins are “plug and play” so no need for those hoses and cables

2 Filters, 1 Basket

  • The large capacity, top load filter baskets have dual fine and ultra-fine filtration to collect debris
  • Simply remove the basket and clean when necessary

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