Most algae can be prevented and can usually be blamed on low sanitizer (chlorine) levels or high pH levels. It is much easier and less expensive to prevent algae than it is to treat it. Many pool owners in the Denton area use an algaecide on a weekly basis as a preventive measure. This, along with brushing the pool regularly, is very effective in preventing algae.

There are several types of algae that are common in this area. They are as follows:

Green algae—is either free-floating or attaches itself to the pool surface.
Yellow (or mustard) algae—usually found in low flow areas of the pool.
Black (or blue-green) algae—forms a root system which makes it difficult to remove.

Treatment varies with each one of these types of algae, but it usually consists of increasing the sanitizer level, using an algaecide, and brushing the pool.

Preventing cloudy water and algae is the key to dealing with the heat that we often experience during the summer.