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Dealing with Stubborn Algae? What to Do.

Dealing with Stubborn Algae? Here’s What to Do: Hello everyone, thanks for popping by! If you’ve never had to deal with algae in your residential pool, you might be a literal wizard. Please come by our store to teach us all your spells and incantations. If you have experienced algae, you might be interested in learning some [...]

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Is that a Leak? Or Evaporation? Leak Detection Tips

Is That a Leak? Or Evaporation? Leak Detection Tips Hello everyone, thanks for popping by! We’ve been so lucky this summer with this hot weather: bright, sunny days, the occasional refreshing rain, warm evenings with clear skies. The flip side to all our good fortune is that hot weather leads to a lot of evaporation. [...]

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Saving Heat, Saving Money: Invest in a Solar Cover for Your Pool

Why Purchase a Liquid or “Bubble Wrap” Solar Cover Hello everyone, thanks for popping by! Here in Canada, we understand just how short the summers can be. By the time the kids are out of school and the weather is nice and hot, the season is practically half over. It makes sense to extend the [...]

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Getting Started: Pool Opening Considerations

Hello everyone, thanks for popping by! Perhaps you’ve decided to open your pool without help from the professionals for the first time this year, or maybe you’ve done it yourself for the last decade but gosh, that was a long winter, and maybe you’d like a refresher course. This post is for you! Getting Started Will I [...]

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Temporary Closure of Retail Store

To Our Valued Customers,                   These are very unprecedented times and we are very concerned about the health and safety of both our staff members and the community at large. With news of the City of Burlington declaring a state of emergency, Mirage Pools has made the difficult decision to temporarily close our retail facility. [...]

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COVID-19 Update

To Our Valued Customers,                   Mirage Pools is dedicated to the health and safety of all our customers and staff. At the urging of Public Health and the doctors and citizens of countries previously affected COVID-19, we are treating this unparalleled situation with the seriousness it deserves. We are taking every measure to ensure the [...]

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