Hello everyone, thanks for popping by!

Perhaps you’ve decided to open your pool without help from the professionals for the first time this year, or maybe you’ve done it yourself for the last decade but gosh, that was a long winter, and maybe you’d like a refresher course. This post is for you!

Getting Started

  1. Will I have enough help? There are plenty hazards associated with opening a pool, so it isn’t recommended you attempt it alone. With experience and good communication, two pairs of hands may be plenty to get the cover off and the system running, but a couple extra won’t hurt!
  2. Do I have the right equipment? For lock-in or tarp covers, you may want a submersible pump to gradually drain accumulated water off the cover before attempting to remove it. For safety covers, you will need the notched metal bar included with the cover to unhook the springs from the anchors in the around the pool.
  3. Will I have enough time? Even with a good submersible pump, it may take a few days to fully drain a pool cover, then more time on the day of removal to scoop out leaves or debris that may have blown in over the winter. An experienced team may be able to complete a full opening in a couple of hours, but give yourself 2-3 at least.
  4. Will I be able to start the pool up right away? Lock-In and tarp cover pools will need to be refilled a couple of feet, until the water line is at least halfway up the skimmer. Safety cover pools will have refilled with snow and rain over the winter and may need the water level lowered slightly to run properly. In either case, make sure all the fittings and doodads that were removed last fall (like filter gauges, jet eyeballs and equipment couplings) are reassembled properly before you attempt to start the pump.

If you’ve checked off everything on this list, you’re probably good to go. If everything goes smoothly, come by our store at 1800 Appleby Line to have your water tested free of charge; we look forward to seeing you! If you run into trouble (heaven forbid), don’t hesitate to reach out to us for service, parts or advice at (905) 319-7665.