Why Purchase a Liquid or “Bubble Wrap” Solar Cover

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Here in Canada, we understand just how short the summers can be. By the time the kids are out of school and the weather is nice and hot, the season is practically half over. It makes sense to extend the season with a pool heater and get more enjoyment out of your investment, but at what cost? If there is steam coming off the pool while the nights are still cool, you might as well picture dollar bills floating away. But what can we do? Suffer in silence as we cringe at the hydro bill each month? Or try to maximize the payoff from this expense with a solar cover.

At first, the name may sound misleading, “Why would I need a solar cover when I already have a heater? I don’t really need the sun to heat my pool.” Well, solar covers don’t heat the pool per se, but they greatly reduce evaporation – one of the leading causes of heat loss. Even Liquid Solar Covers, which are met with a lot of skepticism, are proven to reduce evaporation and therefore heat loss.

Additional Benefits: A solar cover will save you money on water and chemicals as well as heat! By reducing evaporation, you won’t need to make as many trips with the garden hose to top off the pool, lowering your water bill. By extension, you won’t be diluting your water chemistry each time, requiring further chemical adjustments.

Liquid Solar Covers: These products are usually enzyme-based, totally safe for you and your family. Instead of creating a “film” on the surface of the water that blocks evaporation, liquid solar covers like Natural Chemistry’s Cover Free, slightly increase the water’s surface tension which naturally restricts evaporation. Liquid solar covers are proven to reduce heat loss by roughly 75%, at 10% of the cost of a “bubble wrap” cover.

Pro Tips: Remove your plastic solar cover during the day to allow the water to circulate, and cover again at night. Do not leave your solar cover on all week, uncovering for Friday night – the reduced circulation can lead to algae blooms. For liquid covers: Add one dose per week, usually 1 capful. If you have a Variable Speed pump, reduce the flow rate slightly overnight to avoid disturbing the surface of the pool.

Whether you decide to opt for a solid solar cover or a liquid, the benefits for either are proven and worth it. For more information about solar cover options, or to pick up a bottle of Cover Free, pop by the Mirage pool store at 1800 Appleby Line. We look forward to seeing you!