Pool Closing Terms & Conditions 2022

Mirage Pool & Spa routes the service schedule geographically to minimize driving time between jobs. Each job often requires unknown and varying lengths of time to properly complete; therefore, it is not possible to provide a specific time slot for the pool closing. The homeowner does not need to be present for the closing. Prior to the closing crew’s arrival, please ensure the following items have been taken care of:

  1. Access to the driveway and the backyard so the closing crew can enter the property and transport pumps, hoses and additional equipment.
  2. The pool should be clean and chemically balanced prior to the closing.
  3. Winter covers, equipment plugs, stair boards and any other accessories (Gizmo’s, foam rope, liner lock, etc.) should all be left out for the crew. If closing accessories are not left out and accessible, they will be supplied and added to the invoice.
  4. Sump wells or drains must have water removed prior to the closing.
  5. Removal of drop-in steps and diving boards.
  6. Please deactivate all electrical timers to prevent your pump from turning on after the pool has been winterized.

Mirage Pool & Spa will add 5L-10L of liquid chlorine to the water at every pool closing (depending on pool size), regardless of its current sanitizing system. If a Closing Chemical Kit is purchased as part of the closing service, the contents will be added prior to winterizing the plumbing. This can then be recycled following your city’s waste and recycling procedures. 

Full and Partial Closings do not include any vacuuming or cleaning of the pool. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to vacuum and clean the pool before the time of closing.

Before the pool is closed it is important to have the water chemistry balanced. Before closing, take a sample of the pool water by filling a clean, empty container roughly two feet (2’) away from the pool wall and two feet (2’) below the surface. It is best to take the sample from a shaded spot, out of direct sunlight.

Mirage Pool & Spa offers free water testing at the retail location: 1800 Appleby Line, Unit #14, Burlington ON (located south of Upper Middle and north of Corporate Drive).

Please note, as an industry standard put forth by the Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada, Mirage Pool & Spa will not remove diving boards, slides, or drop-in steps, these are unsafe.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Mirage Pool & Spa reserves the right to refuse work if the property is deemed to be unsafe or poses a threat to a safe working environment. If service cannot be completed due to such circumstances, the service on this date will be cancelled and/or re-scheduled. 

  1. This includes, but is not limited to: backyard construction, climbing on roofs for solar systems, lawn care, acts of nature (wind, lightning, etc.), backyard social events, insect/rodent infestations, pet waste, etc. 
  2. We request that children and pets are to be kept inside while we are on the property.  Mirage Pool & Spa cannot be responsible for the safety and security of children and pets while we are working with potentially hazardous chemicals.

The technician reserves the right to refuse additional work around the house, not involving the pool (e.g. cleaning the backyard, maintaining the lawn, organizing the shed, etc.).