Pool Opening Terms & Conditions 2024

Mirage Pool & Spa routes the service schedule geographically to minimize driving time between jobs. Many of the Pool Opening services consist of a two-stage process: the first stage of the opening accounts for the bulk of the service followed by the second stage, also known as the start-up. Each job often requires unknown and varying lengths of time to properly complete; therefore, it is not possible to provide a specific time slot for the pool opening. The homeowner does not need to be present for the opening. Prior to the opening crew’s arrival, please ensure the following items have been taken care of:

  1. Access to the driveway and the backyard so the opening crew can enter the property and transport pumps, hoses, and additional equipment.
  2. Winter cover storage, salt cells, equipment plugs, ladders, and any other accessories should all be left out in the open. If opening accessories are not left out and accessible, they will be supplied and added to the invoice.
  3. Electricity should be turned on outside for the crew to start the pool equipment. If the breaker has been shut-off inside the house over the winter, please ensure it is back on.
  4. Sump wells or drains must have water removed prior to the pool opening to prevent the liner from shifting and possibly leaving wrinkles.
  5. Disassembled equipment, if stored inside over the winter, must be reconnected prior to the opening crew’s arrival. If the opening crew is required to plumb any equipment back into the system at the opening, which was disconnected by the homeowner, an additional $50.00 labour fee will be applied. Please make sure the above items have been taken care of prior to the opening crew’s arrival to prevent any follow-up service charges. If Mirage Pool & Spa is unable to perform the opening as a result of one of the above items not being addressed by the homeowner, a follow-up service call may be required at an additional $85.00 follow-up service fee.

Mirage Pool & Spa will add 10L of liquid chlorine to the water at every pool opening, regardless of its current sanitizing system. If a Chemical Opening Kit is purchased as part of the opening service, the contents will be added once the cover is removed. This can then be recycled following your city’s waste and recycling procedures. 

If the water is below the skimmer and the opening crew left a note to add water to the pool, it is recommended to fill the pool using your garden hose. Once the water level is ¾ of the way up the skimmer mouth (operating level), the pool is ready to be started up and the homeowner is responsible to call and schedule the second stage of the opening. Mirage Pool & Spa will not coordinate the start-up of a pool with a water delivery company if they have been ordered by the homeowner. If the homeowner chooses to order a water delivery service to fill the pool, the start-up should be scheduled for the following day. Some safety cover pools may be started the same day as the first stage of the opening which would negate a second stage visit.

An additional $85.00 follow-up service fee will be charged if Mirage Pool & Spa is called for the start-up and the water is not high enough to safely leave the pool running.

At the time of the start-up, the technician will turn on the pump and inspect the equipment for normal operation. Any minor leaks and repairs will be taken care of at this visit, with supplied parts being added to the invoice. Major leaks or repairs will be inspected and reported and will be followed up with a quote.

Just as it is commonplace to get a home gas appliance tested and inspected regularly for safe usage, the same applies to all gas pool heaters. Mirage Pool & Spa recommends booking a Gas Heater Start-Up and Inspection service for $125.00 every spring to ensure your pool heater is safe to operate over the course of the pool season. This includes a visual inspection and lighting only. Additional service and parts are extra, if required.

Standard and Partial/Safety Cover Openings do not include any vacuuming or cleaning of the pool. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to vacuum and clean the pool once it has been opened and started up. Cleaning services are only included as part of the additional Vacuum Service at $259.00 extra and must be scheduled at the time of the booking. This service includes up to two (2) hours over the course of up to two (2) visits to vacuum the pool, plus adding another 10L of liquid chlorine. Excessive debris and scooping leaves are not included in this service and quoted based on the severity of the mess, starting at $50.00 extra.

Once the pool has been opened and started up, it is important to allow the water to circulate non-stop for three (3) full days. Afterward, take a sample of the pool water by filling a clean, empty container roughly two feet (2’) away from the pool wall and two feet (2’) below the surface. It is best to take the sample from a shaded spot, out of direct sunlight.

Mirage Pool & Spa offers free water testing at the retail location: 1800 Appleby Line, Unit #14, Burlington ON (located south of Upper Middle and north of Corporate Drive).

Industry best practices suggest the pump should be running 24/7 to ensure clean and filtered water and to prevent algae problems. It is also suggested to have all the return jets directed 45ᵒ downwards in a circular flow. The pool water should be tested weekly at home and every three (3) weeks at our retail location. This will also ensure safe and clean water to swim in and help to prevent algae. Sump wells should also be checked weekly and kept dry over the summer to reduce groundwater damage to the pool walls and liner.

The industry standard as put forth by the Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada, states that Mirage Pool & Spa will not install diving boards, slides or drop-in steps in the interest of the homeowner’s safety and his or her related parties.  

Mirage Pool & Spa reserves the right to refuse work if the property is deemed to be unsafe or poses a threat to a safe working environment. If service cannot be completed due to such circumstances, the service on this date will be cancelled and/or re-scheduled. 

  1. This includes, but is not limited to: backyard construction, climbing on roofs for solar systems, lawn care, acts of nature (wind, lightning, etc.), backyard social events, insect/rodent infestations, pet waste, etc. 
  2. We request that children and pets are to be kept inside while we are on the property.  Mirage Pool & Spa cannot be responsible for the safety and security of children and pets while we are working with potentially hazardous chemicals.

The technician reserves the right to refuse additional work around the house, not involving the pool (e.g. cleaning the backyard, maintaining the lawn, organizing the shed, etc.).