Hayward Sand Filter

Pro-Series Sand Filter

For new pool and aftermarket installations Pro Series filters provide efficient flow, totally balanced backwashing and an advanced self-cleaning under-drain system for the best value in filtration.

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Product Description

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  • Most Forgiving Media
  • Easy Maintenance
  • DIY Filtration Solution
  • Value Filtration
  • Clear and Clean Water
  • Value Filtration Solution
  • Least Maintenance
  • Minimal Interaction
  • More Time to Swim

Your Hayward Pro Series high-rate sand filter is a high performance, totally corrosion-proof filter that blends superior flow characteristics and features with ease of operation. It represents the very latest in high-rate sand filter technology. It is virtually foolproof in design and operation and when installed, operated and maintained according to instructions, your filter will produce clear, sparkling water with only minimal attention and care.


Your filter uses special filter sand to remove dirt particles from pool water. Filter sand is loaded into the filter tank and functions as the permanent dirt removing media. The pool water, which contains suspended dirt particles, is pumped through your piping system and is automatically directed by the patented filter control valve to the top of the filter tank. As the pool water is pumped through the filter sand, dirt particles are trapped by the sand bed, and filtered out. The cleaned pool water is returned from the bottom of the filter tank, through the control valve and back to the pool through the piping system. This entire sequence is continuous and automatic and provides total recirculation of pool water through your filter and piping system.
After a period of time, the accumulated dirt in the filter causes a resistance to flow, and the flow diminishes. This means it is time to clean (backwash) your filter. With the control valve in
the backwash position, the water flow is automatically reversed through the filter so that it is directed to the bottom of the tank, up through the sand, flushing the previously trapped dirt and
debris out the waste line. Once the filter is backwashed (cleaned) of dirt, the control valve is manually resequenced to Rinse, and then Filter, to resume normal filtering.