10 Reasons why a pool could be the greatest investment in your family you’ll ever make

Install a pool and just see how quickly it becomes the place where so many wonderful memories are made. It’s where your family gathers, entertains and brings happiness to your backyards! Here are the top ten reasons pool owners report that installing a pool was one of the best decisions for their family they ever made.

1. The Great Outdoors “Mirage” style
Hey, there’s nothing wrong with air conditioning – it’s great for keeping the house cool so everyone can sleep soundly during those hot, humid summer days. But when it comes to the rest of the day, most folks would much rather sit and cool themselves pool-side instead. Pools get you and your family outside enjoying everything your backyard, with your very own pool has to offer!

2. Entertaining
The shimmer of your pool makes a wonderful scene and the area surrounding it perfect to entertain your friends and your family. From a midsummer barbeque to a late night fire, a pool makes your backyard a great little get away from it all

3. Relaxation
There is nothing like floating peacefully on your back after a long day or week at work or at school. How about simply sunning yourself pool side, knowing you’re just a couple of steps away from a dip in your very own summer oasis? When it comes to your home and your very own pool – there is no place you’d rather be.

4. Exercise
According to several medical studies swimming is an activity that burns a lot of calories, is easy on the joints, supports your weight, builds muscular strength and endurance, improves cardiovascular fitness, cools you off and refreshes you in summer, and one that you can enjoy safely into old age. Phew, who knew exercise could be so much fun!

5. Games
Water polo anyone? Diving for dollars? Many of us remember these and other fun games while ‘hanging out at the pool’. Pool games turn an ordinary pool into a fun and challenging activity centre that brings sounds of laughter and memories for life. With a pool, the games your kids will be talking about won’t be those found on video, unless they’re referring to the ones you capture of them having so much fun.

6. Activities
The simple acts of swimming, floating, diving and sliding are all some people need or want to enjoy their pool to the fullest. A pool makes even the simple things in life seem out of the ordinary. Especially when they can be enjoyed right there in your own backyard!

7. Maintaining Value
Pools aren’t inexpensive to install, which is why if you have a pool it pays to keep it in great working condition. Home-buyers are often drawn to homes that already have an established, well-run and maintained pool. Not only do they expect to pay more for homes with a pool installed, it’s another thing for them to remember your home by – all the fun they imagine having on hot summer days!

8. Family
Families that play together, stay together. Pools bring your family close, emotionally and physically: both when kids are young – as parents take the time to teach them to swim, dive, or slide. In fact, teens often decide amongst themselves to meet at their friend’s houses that have a pool.

9. Safety
Teaching kids to swim at a young age is never a bad idea, and combined with lessons that give them healthy respect for the dangers of water, it can turn into a great way in which you can help to protect them.

10. “Mirage” Memories
When you add up all the reasons why owning a pool is a really great investment – one word comes to mind very quickly – memories. Whether they are memories of your family’s pool growing up, or of being at a friend’s house that had a pool, one thing is for certain; with a pool you’ll soon be creating the best memories of all – those of you and your family having fun and vacationing together – in your own backyard!